REPOST: my ex-husband ,2 purses in a car with the windows down to much on drivers side.

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REPOST: my ex-husband ,2 purses in a car with the windows down to much on drivers side.

Post by Monique on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:46 pm

The first dream I no I was in some water over my head I was going down and comeing up in it.

It was alot more to it but I didn't write it down when I went to the restroom this morning. lol I hate that to cuz I think it was a good dream 2. I bet I want do that no more.

This is the second dream .

I went to a dresser drawer and pulled it open and I saw some dice three sets of (white) ones and a blue coat with a hole in it ( of my ex-husband who raped my daughter irl.) I looked in the pockets and it was 3 things but I only remember 1 and it was a big sucker in the shap of a tree but red and it was broke in the middle around it but it was together and wasnt falling apart. He had one red(sucker ) also walking outside. I ask him could I have the sucker in his coat and he didnt say anything looked at me but went on outside .

I went to the car and I was looking for something and I noticed 2 purses and it was things in it. I was thinking it was moms purse.

I was heading back and i looked and a car was heading toward me and a guy was looking at me as he passed in the car and my ex was walking out toward me and said No so you can go and be with him.

I went back to the car and ( at first when I wrote down this dream I thought that some things was missing out of the purse but now I dont think so .) I saw that the windows was down farther then it should be with the purses in there so I let it up some and the other side was cracked alittle and it was fine. The purses was in the middle in the open .

I woke up

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