Dream In An Airport

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Dream In An Airport

Post by Intentional Love on Tue Nov 17, 2009 3:46 am

Dream in an Airport

I was walking fast in an airport and taking a short cut through security, I walked through the security detector unnoticed two times.

The third time I walked through the security gate with a loaded gun (I was not aware it was loaded, or even that I shouldn't carry a gun through an airport). I set off the siren and I was pulled aside. The security guard (male) searched me externally and was surprised when he saw the gun in my hand. I removed my wallet & tablets from my pockets.

They asked me why I was taking a loaded gun on a plane. I didn't know it was loaded. I was unaware in my mind that even carrying a gun openly in an airport was wrong.
As they checked the gun it sparked like a fire cracker and one shot went off. (I remember feeling upset at what I had done at this point).
A woman guard asked me why I had it. I told them: my friend gave it to me (Aaron) and that I was sorry, I had no idea why I did this. Kellie then turned up who I had been racing to get to the security check point, she didn't keep up with me. She listened to what the police had to say after writing their report. They believed my genuine story and let me go back through the security detector, as I went through the female guard told me she loved me. My wife and I then walked to the gate to catch our plane to America.

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Re: Dream In An Airport

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:19 am

Engaging in a warfare require Approval.anointing from a higher source.
Authority can be delegated.

you are ready in position to go to your next level or assigment
but there is problem you are carrying a weapon that will not work where you are heading.
New levels in the spirit ..will make us face new enemies..the old strategies wont work against the enemy.
That is when you had the woman asked you who gave you the Gun and you confess Aaron.
This is your priesthood call..when you acomplish that..then you will reach your next level.
In other words right now whatever you are facing requires patient since like aaron you have been call to priesthood.
Santification is requiere and obedience. after that like the woman..(Wisdom or Holy Spirit will tell you I love you..Meaning God had approved your steps.
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.


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