My Brother , Church, Beautiful white clouds

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My Brother , Church, Beautiful white clouds

Post by Monique on Sun Nov 15, 2009 2:56 pm

I don't remember everthing some parts here and there of this first part. We was doing alot of smoking(lol)WoW

I was with my brother and we was smoking some (weed) with some other people dont remember who they are. I think we was looking for some also. I was smoking and thinking I havent smoked in a long time but I had started back now.

Jump to church

I was there with jr I thought that we was all there. I was sitting on the seat and then I saw this guy Fred. ( he was in one of my other dreams I posted on here where I was running behind him trying to get through logs and snakes ) . After church I went down the isle and saw him and started talking to him. I can't rememeber everything we talked about but I asked him what he was going to do later he said I think going to the movies. I said ok. I walked outside it was dark and cloudy and I was looking for my brother to leave but it looks like he left me there . I was trying to call him on my phone and my phone had low battery and was blinking and I looked up and had my phone in the air and clouds was dark (real dark) then it looked like my face on the phone was shatterd and then I was at the car that Fred and his Mother and sister and his brother( he died along time ago when we was like early 20's ) im 38 now,and this other girl and I said to Fred's mother I didn't want her to go out her way to take me home and she was going to take me home and was not leaving me there. I got in the car in the back seat with Fred . (Note:) Fred got in on the drivers side and slid over to the passager side then his sister then his brother , his mother was driving and the other girl was on the passager side. I got in on passager side in the back the car was full. I was turned toward the back in the car with my legs on the back by window and by Fred. Fred was turn toward the front like everyone else in the car except me.

Then I was talking to Fred about my phone and looking at the glass on it being shattered. I saw he had a notebook or tablet and it was like he wanted me to pour it on the tablet then I did . I never saw his face after we got in the car. I then saw that they was asking his brother to get out and pump the gas and it was like he didn't want to so Fred was like he will go do it but his brother got on out and was walking toward the back of the car to do it then we had room in the car. Fred was sliding back over when his brother was getting back in the car and I said did I cut you (with the glass from my phone)and he said yeah and I said I was sorry. I didn't see any blood or the cut.

Then we was back at the Church and I don't understand this how we was back at the church.

Then his mother bagged out of the church from like the back side all the way to the street (she didn't drive out she bagged out all the way into the street)and it was still night outside ( dark and cloudy) Then we was driving forward and down the road and I said I go to that college NLU North east University of Monroe and IRL they Change the name to ULM (The University of Louisiana at Monroe) They said I no. I said I don't do nothing ,I don't have any friends or I really wouldn't do nothing . So, Im always by myself. ( oh, im turned forward now in the car and looking down the road in front of us) I looked out the window and it was daylight bright and pretty . I looked up in the sky and it wasn't dark and cloudy anymore. I was pretty blue sky's with the most pretty with clouds ( Those clouds man,was sooo white).

I woke up
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