weird library dreams

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weird library dreams

Post by awesomegod16 on Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:38 am

I had this dream last night. And in the dream I had another job in a library, although this one looked like it was in a high school library. And I also had the name of the library in my dream. It as a totally different looking place than the job I have now. For one thing it was older looking like years and years older. In the dream I was standing in the circulation area. I was standing there by myself. What was so interesting was it was as if I was just transplanted there, like I was in some star trek movie and appeared here. I was to be the head librarian or something. And I saw these students around there also but the place was empty when I got there. There was this equipment like computer screens and stuff that I had to connect. There was this woman who was my supervisor, and older woman. She was strange to me because she looked like I knew her but I didn't even know her. And the strange thing about this entire place was I saw myself taking a shower right in the middle of that circulation area, like the place where I was transported. I was taking a shower. I was aware that I could be seen because there were windows with no shades on them. And then, again as if I was transported to another place I was in this home and my 'brother' was getting into trouble because he stayed out. One of the girls warned me not to go in just yet because he was getting into trouble.
Weird then there was this girl who literally dived through the wooden floor to get to the first floor. She dived into the floor like she was in a swimming pool. And she broke open the floor and left big gaping holes.
Now I do work at a library and I am aware of things that don't belong and the taking the shower in the circulation area of the library was strange as so was the girl who dived headlong into the wooden paneling.
The stranger thing was that a few days ago I dreamed that we were remodeling the circulation area of my library at the public library
And I came when the remodeling had already started. There was nothing left there but this brown wall paper or paneling. It looked like the entire room walls had moved closer to each other making it look like a padded cell within some psychiatric hospital. and it was so brown looking but the thing was there were no doors or windows. The entire place was filled with brown design paper or something.

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