Need Interpretation...Seeing my ex in another body & a favor

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Need Interpretation...Seeing my ex in another body & a favor

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:02 pm

I only remember parts of this dream...Before I went to sleep I asked The Lord to send me a sign as to weathet my ex was the right one for me or not, & this is what I seen.

I was talking to my ex on the phone I thought his phone was off. i dont remember what we talked about but I heard him call someone baby & I heard a childs voice in the background. I also heard a womans voice it was his ex girlfriend( IRL, we've had words before with each other) She wanted him to get off the phone she knew he was talking to me & it was upsetting her. IRL: I seen two months ago, he told me he still loved me, & its obvious that there are still feelings there I think the only thing hindering us is distance. He stays in another city. I was upset because When I'd seen him last he told me he loved me. The dream changed & i'm standing next to someone. I could by the voice that it was my ex but physically it was'nt him. This man was 5'4 had medium brown skin, & was wearing this olive green business suit it was ugly. When I looked into the mans eyes I could see my ex he was wearing a white shirt. my ex was talking from a payphone I thought it was odd because I called his cell phone & he answered. There were 3 kids playing by a car it was a girl she had to be around 12 & two other boys who had to be around 6 maybe 7 years old. There was a woman packing things into the car I think they lived in the car. The womans hair was in a ponytail & it was messed up. that was his ex girlfriend. I asked him what was going on he looked at me & the dream changed again. I am at my uncles house its just me & my ex. he reaches out to me but i back away. I told him I was tired of him lying to me, I told him he said he did'nt have kids, & he said he was done with ex. He hugged me & said that he was helping her out it was a favor, & that he did'nt have any kids. i sort of believed that because the kids did'nt look anything like him & he has strong features. (IRL: I have a difficult time trusting him I feel that there are times that he has'nt been truthful with me.)It was when he kissed me I looked at him again he was'nt the man I seen at the payphone anymore he was himself again.

Note: Everytime I went back to sleep, i would go back to where I left off in this dream like reading a book or something.
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