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Post by Monique on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:22 am

It was more to this dream before this happened but I don't remember it.

I was walking by a beautyshop and I saw I think 5 girls in there doing they hair but I think all but a couple was working there doing someone elses hair but they was also doing they own hair and it was short and some was long with one side short etc. I went by looking then i walk back by looking. I finally went in and all the girls was looking and I don't remember what they was talking about.

This girl asked me to sit and I sit down and this other girl got mad and said I was suppose to do your hair and she started putting her stuff up mad and talking about it. I said yall told me to sit her and I did. Then this girl turned me around and I was looking out the window and she came around and was looking and she went to pull out my hair in the front to with her hand to look at it I thought to see what she was going to do with it and she before I new it went to cut and she cut not much but I stopped her right when she started to cut and no hair was falling.I am going to make it pretty she said. I didnt ask you to cut my hair and I said the last time I got my hair done this girl cut my hair . I looked down and saw she was pregnant and I said you better be glad you pregnant . I pulled where she had cut and some hair came out in my fingers and it wasnt alot but enough and I was crying , balling , I pulled her close to my face and said You cut off my Glory To God, My strength. I was just balling and she left and out the door and went across the street . She was coming back across the street but by time she was in the middle she turned around and went back. I was still sitting in the chair looking out the window waiting.

This other lady came across the street and was doin something outside but

I woke up

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Re: beautyshop

Post by True Flight on Sat Nov 14, 2009 2:06 pm

This sounds alot like the Lil Wayne post.

The girl that was with him had hair missing (Glory)
The cars could be a bunch of people standing in your way, to were your trying to get.
Kinda like the girls in this dream.

The feeling I get out of these dreams is that your trying to get somewhere but theres things in your way that are sucking your Christen life out of you.

What does Lil Wayne represent to you?

The guy likes the girls, I got that out of his music.
He seems like a class act too, but he is still in the world.

You were holding his keys, I'm thinking that means you were being like him.

Some tuff dreams, keep praying about them and God will reveal what he's trying to tell you.
True Flight
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