My ex caught in my room by my mom:REPOSTED

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My ex caught in my room by my mom:REPOSTED

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:40 pm

I had this Dream about 30mins ago...My ex called me to see if I was all right.
IRL: I've been calling him to see how he's been. He told me I called him like 20 times I told him I wanted to know how he was doing. Next thing I know he was in town. I was with my best friend, Her girlfriend, & another girl. We were at ampm getting gas. i was walking up to the car & my ex was talking to the young woman that was with us. She was white, with red hair, & Dark green eyes. I politely asked my ex to into the store with me. I gave the girl this look (If looks could kill) it suprised me because I normally react to stuff like people talking... I was walking around the store trying to find something eat he said he wanted to talk to me, but I was dancing around his requested. i was afraid he was gonna tell me something that would hurt me, being that he knows how I feel about him. Me & him started talking and the convo was about our physical attraction to each other(Censored) The Dream changed & we were in my house my friends stayed for a while & they left. The dream changes again & me & him are in my room.(Censored) Afterwards, He was falling asleep & I had to get a duffle bag out of the living room but my moms room was in there. I wrapped up in a bed sheet & went to get the bag. I told my mom I was cold & that I was going to take a nap....She asked me why was I cold, why i was in a hurry to go back to my room, etc. I closed my door, & put a chair under the door knob I told him to wake up he had to get dressed because my mom knew he was in my mom opend the door & she cwas cursing, he was'nt dressed all the way. I was telling her to stop cursing, she did'nt care said, "Wait till I talk to your mother!"(my real mother) I remember her going to the garage she was putting me out of the house She cursed out all my friends. I was trying to talk to her but she was'nt listening to me. I walked back to my ex. & he just held me I was crying. No one could say anything i kept apologizing to him. He did'nt say anything to me but I could hear his thoughts. i told him I just wanted to spend some time with him since we dont get to do that. He said he knew & that it was okay. I've never held someone so tight, cried so hard everything it felt like everything was falling around me & I did'nt care. The last thing I remember thinking to myself, "I wonder how she's gonna handle it when I tell her i'm pregnant." I woke up after that...
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