Inheritance so big it looked like I robbed the bank!

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Inheritance so big it looked like I robbed the bank!

Post by Christa on Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:52 am

I had a dream last night after I prayed and claimed my inheritance (at
4am when I woke up after another bad ex-husband dream). My friend (an Asian lady, who I knew was my friend, but I don't know her irl) drove me to the place where I needed to make a deposit at. I was in a
casino/hotel and I went to the bank there. I gave the teller some
lotto tickets that were my ex's (I don't buy lotto anymore) that I had
found in my purse. I got a bunch of coins back from them. Then I told
the teller that I needed to make a deposit (which I have to do today).
I told the teller I needed $20- back, but the teller just kept giving
me piles of bills. The teller was sick of me because it took forever
for me to get all of that money in my purse! Then some Down Syndrome teenagers....boys and girls....started running around, shouting. They were all dressed from head to toe in lavender....lavender hats....lavender eyeshadow-girls...lavender shirts, pants, and shoes. They went around the corner and then came back pointing at me yelling, "She's the one with her purse filled with money!" I shrugged my shoulders with a grin on my face. I think the kids were paying attention to my transaction, but because I got so much money back, they thought I robbed the bank. I laughed and walked back to my car with my friend.
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