Stolen parts on my car

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Stolen parts on my car

Post by musicalstars2001 on Wed Nov 11, 2009 3:49 pm

Please help, I think this is a warning dream for me:

I went to some building, not sure what it was for, and I went there to spend the night. I remember because I had brought stuff with me. But while I was roaming around I remember not feeling safe in the building and there were a few male figures here and there walking around. I also remember not feeling safe to leave my car in the parking lot.

The next morning I remember going to my car. The side door was taken off and there were other parts of the car missing. I also remember seeing the car in front of mine that was parked had smashed into my car. I also realized there was a price number on my car as if someone was trying to sell it.

I remember getting ready to call 911 to get this settled, but the car that had smashed into mine went and drove off. There was absolutely NO driver in it. I was not happy at all.

After I remember being worried about what I was going to tell my dad about it. Somewhere towards the end I remember having my friends dog with me and a cat in the car. I also remember that I hadn't had a chance to give them water/food but specifically I was hoping they'd be ok becuase I realized they hadn't had water all night. They were just fine in the morning.

Please help! Thanks!

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