discernend a pregnency and two dreams of it

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discernend a pregnency and two dreams of it

Post by rachel07 on Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:44 pm

Hey every one i really believe this is from God. But i dont know what it means. So i was at one of the girls house who is in my youth group and she was making cupcakes with her mom and i looked at her mom and discerned(this actually hapened not a dream)and i had this feeling she was pregnant but i thought wait a secound she kinda older and has 3 kids and a boyfriend and her tubes are probally tied most women i know have it done. So i forgot about it.

So then the other day my youth calls me(her name is chealsie) and said her mom told her she had a dream she was pregnant and she said she was goin into labor and she called her boyfriend he wouldnt take her cause he said he was fishing(its his hobby) and then she calls her sister(she trusts her and can count on her) and her sister takes her to the hospital and she has the baby. the baby has lots of beautiful black hair. They leave the hospital and get into a car accident in water and she saves the new born and shes okay and her sister saved her little boy and everyone was fine.

Then chealsie has a dream and tells me her mom and her were sitting and her mom just tells her shes going to have a baby and chealsie was happy and okay with it and that was it

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