Lesbians in my apartment & a man who i see often in my dreams...

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Lesbians in my apartment & a man who i see often in my dreams...

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Sun Nov 08, 2009 6:21 pm

I had this dream a few days ago, I was walking with a couple of young girls in my apartment some of them I knew & some I did'nt...The girls had to be around 14 to 15 years old & they were very permiscuous for their ages...we're across the street to the other side of the apartments & i'm holding a camcorder...There are two girls in a car in front of us & their kissing. It did'nt take me long to realize that the girls I was with were all lesbians the whole time i'm asking myself "Why am I recording this? these are kids & how do I get away?" Somehow I could'nt get away from the girls. I was trying to give one of the girls the camera & leave I wanted no part of what they were doing, but something was keeping me there I hated it.. I can see my window across the street, its open, & there's music playing. I can also see this guy I know his name is Greg he's wearing a white button down, black slacks, & black shoes like he's going to church. He was staring at me & telling me to come home. So me and the girls walk back to my apartment & one by one the girls start leaving till eventually its just me. i got to my door & greg was walking out. he said, "Your mom knows about everything, I knew you were with that funny stuff." He was very upset to the point that he was red in the face...I went into my moms room but she was sleeping her whole bedroom was red. why? I do not know. weirded me out though. There was a woman there that knew my mom & she was talking to me about the camera. i was trying to explain to her that I was trying to give them the camera & leave. I felt that if they were gonna do that I would'nt be apart of that but she was'nt trying to hear that. The Last thing I remember was throwing my hands in the air & walking away because there was no reasoning with the woman.

Note: I wanna know the meaning of this dream as a whole, but there is something that does stand out to me. The guy in my dream named greg i've seen him 4 other times within the past two days. Whenever I see him in my dreams & end up meeting a man right after greg has past through a dream but I have'nt met any man so far....I'm confused as to what role he plays in my life.
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