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Need help!

Post by yyoung09 on Sat Nov 07, 2009 8:57 pm

Hello everyone! I am new here.

I have been having dreams that I know that It has to be with me. I am just not sure what they mean. Two recent dream that I had was: first is , that I was in front of a female judge and it was like I was handing a folder to her or somebody and then i noticed that she was my english teacher assistant, and there was on my right side another lady that I don't know, but the jugde was talking to her in another language that i did understand at the same time she was crying. I was like what is going on in here, and she never looked at me.

The second was,that I came out of my boys room and went to my dauthers room because I knew that there was something on the coner in my girls room. so I placed my hands on the corner wall and I started to cast something out, then it was like I step back, and a black tall slim dog came out of the wall and he had a collar with sharp little things around it, I think that It came to me and I grabbed him by his collar and I remember seeing it going back into the wall and he stoped to look back at me and I think that he barks at me and that is all what I remember. This is my first time that I dream of casting out something.
This is a strange dream to me. Please help if you can . Thank you so much in advance

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