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Post by nubava on Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:37 pm

I was watching a TV show, i.e. a documentary about a very small white house, somewhere in the forest.
I suddenly appeared near that house but I was still watching the documentary. I saw a river, waters flowing out of that house, the waters were not clear, a bit milky and I told my sister (although I didn't see her, she was not there): “Look! These waters come out from here, go down the forest and then the waters flow into our house, already clean and we use it after we filter it".
Then I saw a man and a woman who were trying to catch animals in that forest, squirrels, etc. A second man was attacking them, he was trying not to let them kill animals and he wanted to save them. Eventually the other man ran away but that woman was standing still when the second man came up with couple of small animals in his hand, they were killed, one of them looked like a small wild boar. This man took this boar by the tail and hit the woman on her back very strongly and loud. I even thought this slash could kill that woman. Then she ran away.

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