End Times Dream?

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End Times Dream?

Post by Linda Irish on Sat Nov 07, 2009 12:00 pm

Dream nov 7 2009

I was in an old large building, like a giant house, It had been broken up into a boutique of sorts, each different business rented a part or a different room of the house it was neat…one of these rooms had a huge window from floor to ceiling (that was the room where you entered) on two sides and the whole wall was a window…from this room I could see outside a huge storm and it looked like the end of the world, animals were all loose and running as well as people, the wind was whipping through everything and terror was on the faces of the people running. I saw wild boar and elephants and other exotic or dangerous animals, I saw a woman running with small dead animal in her hand, her pet, maybe a kitten she was crying…everyone inside this building was oblivious to the storm outside…they were watching too, from the window but as if it was a novelty….not real. I wasn’t just concerned about the storm outside and how to survive, but the animals could easily seek shelter and enter this building as well. I began searching the safest place inside as I was expecting horrific devastation and I began to prepar like we would for a tornado.

I found a little room with a brass handled door…the walls had many coats of paint and felt familiar, like a grandmas house. I had made a bed in one of the larger rooms earlier, but it had turned to mud and someone else had taken my place…they started to get up to give me back my place but I decided that the room was too big to be safe and I really didn’t want a mud bed anyways (even though I was a bit irritated that the woman had taken my place for the brief moment that I was gone, I now was sure I needed to go elsewhere)…
So in this little room I made a place to rest, I even “borrowed” a pillow from one of the boutiques…they had some lovely old embroidered pillows with pillowcases…I remember I picked the prettiest one first…but then exchanged it for one with less embroidery on it so it would be smoother and more comfortable when I layed on it.

The house became bigger and now I could see crowds of people walking about like a mall or something…but we were in the same building….in one huge room that I entered, it was lake a huge auditorium, there were a lot of children and they were having fun as they were being raised slightly off the ground…I realized that the affect of the tornadoe was already lifting the children off the ground.

I then remember thinking….now is the time to go to my small room for shelter…now. And I began to lead a small group of people to the safe place with me…but all of a sudden there were so many doors …all sizes and shapes and I couldn’t remember if it was the double doors or the small door or was it up the hall farther…and I kept opening doors that were not the room that I was suppose to be in and I kept searching….with the people following me…I knew it was here somewhere and that we would eventually find it but I was frustrated with my memory or lack of memory….to remember where the safe room was…in a timely way. Then I awoke…
Linda Irish
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Re: End Times Dream?

Post by Christa on Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:53 pm

Hi Linda. I don't know if you've ever read that book, "Left Behind," but it's about the end times. In that book all of the children over the entire world were raptured up (of course), but multitudes of teenagers and adults were left behind. Maybe this is why the children were levitating in your dream. I believe this dream is a simple interpretation and it's a prophetic one for ALL Christians....right now.

I believe the message is.....the end times are coming soon and it's time to prepare not only ourselves, but to minister to the lost so that they may be found before it's too late. You were all stuck in the hallway and you knew that the door was there and that you would eventually get in there. The trouble is, would the others get out of the hallway in time?

We as Christians are running out of time to bring in the lost. Our believing in Jesus is not enough, we MUST be obedient. The demons "believe" in Jesus too, but they are not obedient. Demons tremble at His precious name, if that isn't proof that they "believe" then I don't know what is. We know the door that leads to salvation, but others don't. We need to be obedient to Christ and to minister to the lost...when he says to and to whom he says to (even if they are a stranger or our arch enemy). We need a keen ear and keen discernment to hear the Holy Spirit's voice. If we are not obedient to Christ's calling to help in the harvest of souls, we may not be able to have enough time to get them in the door after us. The path is not wide, the path to Jesus is narrow, but we as Christians have the Holy Spirit that guides/carries/comforts us through the wilderness on the narrow journey to our bridegroom. It's the season to start a following behind us on this narrow path, so we must help to draw people in from the wide one.

So, yes I believe this was an end times dream, but more of a prophetic calling from God showing that it's time to visibly live like Christians outwardly and inwardly. "They will know we are Christians by our love." We need to help guide people towards Jesus through our examples of kindness, love, hope, faith, sincerity, purity, and patience. I hope this helped. God bless you.
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