Dream that later happened in real life

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Dream that later happened in real life

Post by Allsmiles on Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:56 am

Last week I went to church and one of my dreams came true.. literally.

It was small, but things like this happen every now and then so I'd love to understand why.

I attend a large church and we had a prominate speaker that attends out chruch talking about the Holy Spirit. This speaker has been all over the world, has several phd's. He's visited kings in other country and even works in think tanks with the UN. This man has an amazing heart for the Lord and the Lord's people.

We were in a smaller room with a ton of people in it. I was sitting in the middle of one of the rows of chairs. I looked around at the room and thought something like, "I thought they would have put a speaker like this in the Sanctuary."

When the thought passes through my mind I remembered a dream where the exact same set up occured. At the time I worked and was unable to come to his teachings.. I remember wondering why I dreamed about him and listing to him speak in one of the childrens class rooms.

This kind of thing happens often and has happened since I was a little girl. I had equated the dreams as just meaning that I was in the will of God. But is there something else?
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