brother in dream stating about a ring

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brother in dream stating about a ring

Post by Laurie on Fri Nov 06, 2009 10:02 pm

My brother died when he was 26, in 1991... I'm 41 now, well about a year ago, I had a dream about him, which of course hard to describe the scenery, since a dream, however right away when I saw him... he said, believe in Jesus... we both moved through this area, that can best be described, as industrial...that was the feeling I had, as if machinery was being built there.. He then said, that he had to lose his ring... or he'd go to hell.... he seemed very sad.... then I remember asking him... if i could go to any church... and he said yes... but that part is not hard to decipher... for me, as I've been wondering about what church... what has thrown me off about the dream... is that he said, he had to lose his ring... or he'd go to hell... because it just seemed so real the dream.. and I can't think of anything I was thinking about... that could of caused that to come into play. If anyone has a guess of what this could mean I would appreciate it... I know the standard dream interpretations for it... but I just need someone's voice about it... For background purposes, he had a troubled life... drinking... a good heart, but drinking, we were close, he also had a g/f at the time, that I think he just used, he wasn't that nice to her... the g/f in fact said that my brother appeared to her, after he died, at the foot of her bed.... which upset me, because in my head... I was thinking, or wishing... that he had come to me.. Anyway, I was just hoping for input on it... because the dream still upsets me for some reason..... Thank you so much, Laurie

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Re: brother in dream stating about a ring

Post by Dove-Solutions on Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:42 am

Laurie I don't have an interpretation but when I think of a ring this is what comes to mind.

Usually I think of a eternal one. Especially since the ring is a circle. It is a none ending covenant. Is there something in his life that he committed to. For example many people will make a deal with the devil. Which would be eternal if you see what I mean. I am not implying here that he did....just giving an example of a type of eternal commitment. I pray this is of help to you in sorting out the dream. Sorry I don't have more.

Love in Jesus,


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