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2. I was in an unknown place and was watching a documentary on a father, brother and sister, they were famous for something and I even mentioned to my sister that the lady was the author of a book I bought. Then I was in the middle of reading when I felt that my grandfather was bored. He was behind me. The book I was reading was in Spanish, what I remember from it was the name FRIDA. So I asked couple of questions to entertain my grandfather but it didn’t help. I told him that we were going to have dinner very soon, I guess, he got a bit excited. Then my sister came back and said that my grandmother had fallen down on her back in the kitchen. I was worried about her and I showed my sister with the signs that she shouldn’t have said this in the presence of my grandfather. Then my sister sat down and started her dinner. She had a big plate with chicken.
P.S. Both my grandfather and grandmother have passed away. They are my maternal.
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