The Mansion I went to

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The Mansion I went to

Post by firebrand on Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:37 pm

Our school took several buses to visit a mansion. It was huge and it had waterslides coming out from each side running parallel with the sides of the house and to about 100 metres in front of the house but underground. You then ascended up out of the water slide to where the buses were parked. Everyone did a tour of the mansion. When it was time to go home everybody left and my oldest brother and his friend and I were last. My older brother blocked and shut the door to the waterslide to go to the bus but he and his friend were going by car back to the school. I was left so I could have opened the door and tried to catch up but I didn’t. I thought “oh well they don’t want me with them”. I went and asked the owner could I stay in the house. He said I could stay but asked was I worried about my school work. I said no, I could ask the teachers to send some for me. So I stayed there and was allowed to play all around the house and even build things and add to the mansion. I never had to go back to the school or do any more school work and I felt so much better off because they had left me behind.
Tour of a mansion
School buses and school kids
My older brother – I was not upset that my older brother didn’t want me with him
Being left behind – I was a bit surprised but not really upset that I was left behind
Playing in the mansion - I was so happy playing in the mansion
I had the owner’s favour

I had been out of work for a year and a half and also was constantly worrying about what God wanted me to do with my life. Why did he bring me to this city and what does he want me to do.

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