a dream about church

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a dream about church

Post by Annie77 on Tue Nov 03, 2009 12:02 pm

I had a dream that I don't understand. I thought I'd post it here and see if anyone had any thoughts.

The first part is a bit jumbled in my mind. I was watching a demonstration, like an airshow, only with tanks and other kinds of ammunition. It was all for the purpose of entertaining the gathered crowd, but I had an eerie feeling about it. Suddenly, I said to my husband, this is going to turn ugly and just as I said so, it did. We started to run away as the scene turned into a full-blown war.

We kept running but couldn't decide where to go. We were avoiding danger but it seemed like just barely, near misses over and over. Then we came to a ruined church. There was a man standing on the steps in front of it. He was hugely tall, dressed in long white robes and his hair was white and silver. He reminded me of gandalf, but much taller, not on a human scale. He was just watching. He motioned toward us and we went up into the church, just as something exploded behind us.

We rushed inside and huddled near the altar, to be near the martyrs under the altar, I remember thinking. We huddled there and watched as these hordes of ugly humanoid creatures came rushing down the hill toward us. The church building was ruined, so the walls were open in places, the windows had been broken out. I called to the man in white that we wouldn't be safe, the creatures could just come in and kill us. He motioned toward the wall and I saw that they couldn't get in. It was like there was a forcefield there. A few of them tried to get in as they passed, but they bounced off like they'd been electrocuted.

I was watching them for a few moments and then I became aware that my husband was talking quietly to the man in white. I heard him say something I couldn't quite hear, something about the church and the fact that it was ruined. I interrupted and asked him, yes, what about the church? We're safe here but it's ruined and it used to be so beautiful. The man said, Oh, that. Yes, it was beautiful. I'm rebuilding it.

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