Grandmother, plane, chocolate box

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Grandmother, plane, chocolate box

Post by nubava on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:55 pm

I was in an unknown place talking to my mom when we took off, I understood that we took off it was a familiar feeling for me. While going higher and higher, I saw tops of different buildings, straight, crooked, weird. Then I was on the ground, I donít remember how I landed, I was alone.

Then I appeared in front of a door and my late grandmother was on my left shoulder, I was carrying her and I wanted to find where my family was. I entered the building and saw a woman, I asked where my family was, and she said she didnít know, she mentioned door numbers either 304 or 406, don't remember exactly. She kept saying me something but I donít remember what. I told her that may be they are in the same place. So I went to the next building still carrying my grandmother on my left shoulder. Eventually I found my family, my grandmother fell of my shoulder, she was alive, there were boxes of chocolate, my mom took away one of them, my granny was holding another one my father took that one. When he opened my grandmother was surprised and a bit disappointed that the chocolate box was half empty. My mom looked at me and said something about my grandmother Ė could be that she was sick or weak, I am not sure. Then I took the box and in the box I saw different types of buttons and beads, I didnít know how to organize those things in a box so that they didnít mix with each other or get lost.
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