wolf and bear dreams

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wolf and bear dreams

Post by jswelch on Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:46 pm

First I hardly ever dream, so when I do I get curious. I had 2 dreams.

1ST- I was in a huge house with my family visiting another family. they had alot of dogs and a white wolf. The husband and wife told me the wolf might change. Well they started giving us the tour of the house. My wife was on the other side of the house. I had the kids with me and we were playing with the dogs. I could see the wolf on the other side of a wall, it was laying down and looking at us. I decided I would pet the wolf. In order for me to get to it I had to go thru a large wooden door. It was a pretty door. Like one really old and really heavy. I got thru the door and before I could do anything the wolf was already there and looking at my kids. Also the wolf had changed and had turned colors on me. now it had bright red stripe going over the face and back. It was like he had armor on. So I jumped in between the kids and the wolf and tried to spook it. It attacked me. I grabbed him and threw him. He came back and I saw he had some big chompers. I put my left arm in his mouth all the way back and lifted him on his back legs and started kicking him with my steel toe boots in his stomach and he let go and took off. Then my wife woke me.

2ND- I was dreaming I was with my kids again I believe in someone elses backyard. We saw this cute looking black bear. All of a sudden this cute bear starting to attack me. For some reason I remebered how I beat the wolf. So I started to punch and kick this not so cute bear in his stomach and just then my wife woke me.

Ok so here is what is going on in my life. maybe it will help. I am currently unemployed and do have a great prospect in the works. Problem is I am going to have to relocate without the family for abit until we can save enough to do a full move. I dont know if that helps but please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance : )

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Re: wolf and bear dreams

Post by immortalservant on Fri Oct 30, 2009 3:02 pm

My thoughts are that you may be attracted to something that looks really good but the door leads to disaster. And it could cause problems with your family. Your wife and you must get together and pray about your job situation, I'm sure you have but continue to do so and get prepared for spiritual warfare read Ephesians 6:12~18 I believe Satan may come as an angel of light (white wolf) but he is strategizing his plan of attack (red, armor wolf) You kicked him by standing in peace or using your shoes of peace(steal toed boots). But remember to put on the full armor of God. I am wondering because these attacks happen in a different place if either you are not to take the job or if Satan is trying to stop you from taking the new job...those things are so hard to determine so make sure you walk in peace. God must be giving you an extra measure of it. Go where you have peace...check in with your family even the kids to see if all is well on your plans. I am praying you will make the right decision and you will get thru it. God is our provider! MAke confessions over your house too with your wife...Duet. 8:13~18
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