A Dream I had.

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A Dream I had.

Post by gazis on Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:49 pm

I seen myself in the dream. I was in a house with a large open area with glass doors and big glass windows.There were people in this part of the house. There was a long lounge suite with people seated on it.
I looked outside and seen my cousin Teresa my oldest brother and some others i could work out coming up to the house .There was roughly 5 to 7 people.IT looked like it was a bit of an effort for there faces showed it.And someone said well that was a bit of a climb.
I than seen myself talking to my brother and he pointed over to the lounge and I seen My dad on the lounge with a blanket on him and he was asleep with my girlfriend resting she was asleep also, with her head against his shoulder.I was startled and thought to myself well there getting on well they seem comfortable with each other.
In real life my dad would never do that with anyone at all not even my mum.
IN the dream I felt as thoe it was a gathering for a speial occassion.

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