Dream for a friend

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Dream for a friend

Post by DreamingThings on Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:33 pm

I hadn't dreamt about you in awhile, not even July, August or September when you consumed my waking thoughts and sleep was an escape.

This morning I dreamt I was at a funeral, or rather a wake, in someone's home... but I didn't know who it was for or why I was there, I just knew you were there too, even though I had not seen you yet. There was no casket or ashes, and no one was wearing black. Everyone was rather casual/relaxed, quietly chatting, and there was an air of anticipation. Someone was softly playing acoustic guitar and singing. A sweet couple invited me to sit on the couch and make small talk. It started to become clear, everyone was waiting for you to come down and greet people. You had planned this funeral and I started to become uncomfortable being there because I didn't feel I belonged there and didn't want you to think I crashed a funeral that obviously meant something to you. I excused myself and left, and that's when I realized I left my coat in the house and I had to go back and get it. I thought I was opening a closet door, but instead, there you were and all I could say was "I'm sorry. I forgot my coat."

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