2 Red Lamborghini Sports Cars

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2 Red Lamborghini Sports Cars

Post by ProphetinTraining27 on Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:42 pm

I had this dream 2 weeks ago about someone bought me a 2010 red lamborghini for my birthday. This is how the dream went:

In the dream my future husband's(I say future husband because the Lord told me that this man is my husband but I have kept quite about it to see how its going to unfold) mother came to visit me and she brought her friend along which was Billy D. Williams. In the dream it was nightime and they came in the house to say happy birthday. They told me to get ready because they were taking me some were. The house I was living in was not familiar to me but that's were I was living and I could tell it was somewhere in Los Angeles. So I got ready go and they ended up taking me to a dealership and the sign of the dealership a Ford. Billy D. Williams told me to pick out any car I wanted and I said ok. I was so speechless and overwhelmed that I didn't even pick out a car because no one has ever done something like that for me, I was so amazed. So when he came back to me, he asked me did I pick out a car. I said no because I was so excited I just stood still. So he told the salesman that he would take the 2 2010 red lamborghinis that was on the lot. Billy D. Williams took out the cash out of his pocket and paid 2 million dollars in cash right there. So I got in my car and started driving home and they followed me. When I parked it he said get inand let me show you how it should be driven. So I got in his lamborghini, but when I got in it was the size of a suv in the inside. It had a small tv scree, game controller to play game and captains seats in the back. As I was in the car I could hear and feel the gears shift, it was such a beautiful smooth sound because I like cars. So we went back to my house and he told me just remember to stretch the carpet and your car will be a suv in the inside too. Once we got back to my house we were suppose to meet my husband at a restaurant because he had a surprise for me but I ended up praying for a little boy who's brain was hurting and causing him to go blind. I started praying for him and the pain worsened and then I continued to pray and he was healed. I remember in the dream I was speaking in tongues praying for the little boy that was said to be my little brother but in reality he is not. My husband's mother and Billy D. Williams seen me praying and said, "so that's sho she is".

The dream later played me driving my new car and people were so amazed at how I went from taking the bus one day to owning a lamborghini the next. I was very very happy. At the end of the dream I seen Billy D. Williams again and I didn't remember how to stretch the carpet again and he showed again with a smile on his face. and then the dream ended. Ever since I had that dream I have experience red sports following me or the destination I am going a red sports car will already be there and its not just coincidentally, and I know there a bigger meaning, I just don't know what.

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