Very disturbing dream to me, i had right before i woke up this morning at 8:15 a.m.

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Very disturbing dream to me, i had right before i woke up this morning at 8:15 a.m.

Post by Radical4Jesus on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:40 pm

[Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that you will lead the one to help me understand this perticular dream that you allowed me to have this morning before awakening. Lord Jesus, I feel as tho You have impressed this dream upon me as an urgent dream. I ask that You give whoever you choose for the interpretation of this dream, clearity of hearing from You and help them Holy Spirit in writing down uncompromised words of Your meaning of this dream. I also ask Lord, that you give me the proper tools of Your Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge to do as you want me to according to this dream, all for Your Glory and Honor! In Jesus' name, Amen.]

Okay, now onto the dream. =)

It is slightly foggy to remember EVERY detail, but what i do remember...

Adults were getting children ready for an "act" or dance rehersal/audition?... The number of children out numbered the Adults by MANY! The scenes in my dream were in black in white, like a black in white t.v. screen. (greyish tones i guess) I was being shown what was going on in the exact room that we were all in but on a t.v., like it was video recorded and yet happening right in front of me as well. In this "recording" there was this one little girl who they were putting on her to wear: PINK shorts and she was throwing a verbal fit about it cuz she was not going to be dressed like everyone else. Her pink shorts stand out to me.

next part of dream is fuzzy, but it was like children constant rehearsing/dressing up for something...always go go going...

Next we are on the beach. People everywhere, More adults than children. I was at the beach twice. First time a young child around 4-6 yr old entered in the ocean- as this child, a boy, steps out into the water his feet slip down a drop-off in the sand, he goes fully under the water. I remember he was wearing RED shorts. I also remember that i was shown his feet, from his mid-calf down, slip off the drop-off, i remember the sand crumbling away.

Next I am back at the "fuzzy" part of the dream and then Back to the beach again.

This time "I" was in the water and I saw a child wearing YELLOW shorts enter in the water. He went under the same as the child in RED shorts. I tried finding him and could not. Frantically looking for him among mainly and many adults, I see the child with RED shorts under the water. All the adults were playing and talking and standing around in the water up to chest deep. They seem not to notice this child floating under the water...slightly bumping into them as the waves went back and forth as the ocean does. I see the child in RED shorts and go to grab him. I missed him the first time and i get him the next try. I grabb him and pull him out of the water, raising him above my head yelling out..." A CHILD HAS DROWNED SOMEONE GET HIM!" I remember he was half stiff, as if only rigamortis had only settled in 1/2 way...(which my husband said this morning that it takes approx. 6 hrs for that to happen, he is a nurse) Somebody grabs the child from me and takes him to shore. I remember looking at the boys face when he was taken from me and i remember he had scratches on his cheeks and he had brown hair. I con't to look for the little boy in YELLOW shorts that entered in the ocean and went fully under like the first child, and then I wake up!

end of dream.

Thank you for taking the time to read this dream and seeking out God if this is for you to interpret.



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Re: Very disturbing dream to me, i had right before i woke up this morning at 8:15 a.m.

Post by immortalservant on Sun Nov 29, 2009 6:28 pm

I am wondering if this was the church during worship. Many are still children when it comes to the things of God immature. They were all worshipping with lip service but their hearts were not there. The girl I believe may have been you. You were washed in the blood, enduring hardship and suffering for your beliefs, and made pure. Pink shorts red=blood and suffering white=purity. You did not want to follow the crowd. You were determined to move forward and be who God wanted you to be.
Then you are moved to a place of more mature Believers. A place of refreshing and rest. Beach=rest, refreshing. This time you are being used to help those in need. The child (immature believer) is enduring hardship and he is to conquer his trials by peace. But the foundation he is on is not solid foundation. Pray for the new or immature believers to have peace and to stand on the foundation of Jesus. The yellow shorts represent infirmities. The new or immature believer needs prayer for healing of infirmity and may die if no one intercedes. The seasoned or mature Christians seem caught up in basking in the sun, not even realizing the hurting in the church. Be someone who stops this from happening.
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