The ex and events

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The ex and events

Post by juewls davis 777 on Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:06 pm

I keep having dreams about my ex. Please can someone tell me what this means. The one I put on here the other day, was about him telling me he would never let me go e.t.c. I have drempt since then that I was on a bus going to his home, where his mother and father were also. There was a little girl on the bus and she began to throw bottles across the bus, that just missed me. They smashed and she laughed. The mother just ignored the situation. the bus driver eventually told everyone to get off the bus. I remember thinking, oh no I will be so lost and far away from my destination. I did eventually get to his house, which is different to his real home. I remember there wasen't any water. My son who is my ex's child told me that his dad had hit a pipe at the home where he lives with his mother and there had been no water for real. I have had many dreams of visiting a house which is not his real house. A lot of physical contact has taken place within the dreams. His mother is always there. Any one with any insight?

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