Madonna and her boyfriend?

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Madonna and her boyfriend?

Post by traveller on Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:06 pm

Well, this was a strange dream I had last night. Strange as in I've never dreamt about famous people before, but I've got the feeling it's symbolical:-) like usually in my dreams.. Anyway, any thoughts or insights would be fantastic.

In the dream I'm outside somewhere and I saw Madonna, wearing blue normal dress, walking out of a backstreet, carrying a serving tray full of take away food. I was surprised as she didn't look like the Madonna I know from pictures, but sort of darker skinned, Indian American. And I thought it was odd that she was by herself and nobody around following her for photo's, etc.

Next scene it's evening and me and someone with me(but who I couldn't see) were inside Madonna's boyfriend's house(?does she have a boyfriend?) and I was looking at things in his livingroom while he was cooking dinner and talking to someone, I thought Madonna, but not sure. The livingroom looked like an art exhibition room where most items were in glass cabinets on display around the room. One item stood out; it was a glass box/display with a miniature house with real clouds floating around it. I remember wondering at how that could be possible and I looked at it closely from below, beside and above from outside of the glass.

Next scene we were talking to them(don't know who in particular)about how we would be back on a plane soon and being jetlagged at home tomorrow but we never ate together.
Next thing me (and my invisible companion) being in a big, busy airport, which I recognised from previous dreams, but nothing else happened, so end of dream.

Looking forward to your idea's on this!
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