My Dream of 2 babies

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My Dream of 2 babies

Post by axoiamthatiam on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:33 pm

O.K. First I will fill in some information before I start this, Right before I went to bed I was praying to God really hard about finding a wife. I am a 21 year old single male, and I even asked God to give me a dream or vision or something, just give me something. Well I went to sleep that night and I had a dream, and it was just one of those dreams you know is from God. Well in the dream, it was only me and my mom in the dream, I don't really remember the surroundings because they seemed unimportant in the dream. Well my mom had a baby, and it was a girl, and it was a normal healthy newborn baby. I took the baby and gave it to my mom, and me and my mom were really happy and excited. Then my mom had another baby, but when the baby came out and stood up, it was a boy or a guy, and it was taller than me and seemed to be around my age. I was so excited with excitement, I took him everywhere, happy to show my new brother off (I think I was so excited in my dream because in real life I always wanted a brother, I have 3 sisters) to everyone, thinking about how much fun we were going to have, it never bothered me that he was just delivered and was around my age, I was just so excited and happy. I feel that they dream means something about my wife, but the guy or my brother has thrown me off, can anyone interpret this dream. Please and thankyou, Tyler

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