Spider Vision?

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Spider Vision?

Post by sC0rCh3d on Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:59 pm

this was not a dream, maybe a vision, or just an experience.

one night, it was still fairly early, i simply dozed off while sitting on my bed.

when i woke up, i saw what i can only say was a spider EMBEDDED in my bed.

it was not ON the bed, IN the bed.

i say this because i SAW the little legs moving really fast as if it was trapped or something.

i remember swiping at it to make sure it wasn't a real spider and to make sure i wasn't just hallucinating, especially from just waking up.

it simply just disappeared.

then another time, i was sitting in my dad's truck, when all of a sudden, i noticed a brownish spider sitting on my lap, i went through the motions to get it off me and it too seemed to just have *disappeared*

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Re: Spider Vision?

Post by dreamster on Mon Sep 22, 2008 9:23 pm

hi ,i have had a few spider dreams,one vision where i did the same swipeing motion expecting to see it fall on the bed,to me they usually represent spiritual attack,witchcraft etc, could an attack against your marriage if you are married,or you personally.

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