two visions of my a guy friend

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two visions of my a guy friend

Post by rachel07 on Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:48 pm

I had to visions of my guy friend and i think they have to do with with him dating women. The first one was of him in in vehicle at a 4 way light and it kept flashing red then yellow then green and he was hestitant to go when he could of gone straight becouse he was distracted from the gray cars coming from his left and right (i believe they represent woman) when right in front of him was a bright white girlie car from god staight ahead for him and he didnt even notice cause of the other cars. When i saw this vision all i could do is want to tell him just go straight.

The secound vision was right after the first one and i saw him holding two square piece of cloths i believe represents woman one in left hand the other right but he was more focused on the left and didnt even notice his own right hand. at first they were both white then the left turned gray in some spots and black and the the cloth was dried up(like if you bleach your whites to much) and he kept prayn for his left hand. But then i felt that the holy spirit moved his head to the right hand and he was like oh i didnt even notice. the cloth was dripping in red blood(jesus blood) i kind of have an idea what these mean but if anyone else gets something from god let me know thankyou so much!

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