Cabbage plants and a bus load of people...

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Cabbage plants and a bus load of people...

Post by traveller on Mon Oct 19, 2009 4:13 am

I had this dream 2 days ago:
I was in the town where I lived for 2 years (overseas back in my home country). I was collecting leaves of cabbage plants(..) A couple of leaves of each plant. When I started picking they'd changed shape into half circles, which made them easy to pick. The cabbage plants were planted all along the road I used to live at. Once I'd picked a couple of leaves of each plant to end of the road I worked my way back and harvested the same plants again by picking more leaves. 1 plant wasn't a cabbage but had leaves like normal paper like music sheets and/or writing on it. Looked messy like a pile of papers someone had dropped but exactly in line with the other cabbage plants. After I'd picked enough leaves I had a whole pile which I had to give to people in a car that had just driven off towards the neighbour's farm(was farm there IRL too). The car didn't come back while I was waiting outside. Then it started to rain. I left the tidy pile of harvested leaves outside on the crossroad joining with this street, and a spray can(?) next to it so the people in the car would see it better when they'd be driving past on their way back. I went inside to my sister-in-law's house (who used to live there IRL too) to talk to her while she was out the back of her house on a balcony(isn't there IRL). She didn't say much so I went back outside to the front of the house.
Then a bus load of people arrived. They acted like they'd been expected to arrive. They apologised for being late, and told me they were late because their photo's had to be taken of each one individually in one of the (historic)towns in the area. The driver was the one who had been taking their photo's and didn't want to do this in the same place (in front of some historic site, looked a bit like an historic wall). The driver had said to the people: "you might as well get your money's worth out of this trip" and therefore had taken a lot longer time. The people on the bus appeared to not be pleased about this delay when they were explaining it to me.
End of dream.

Anyone any idea's? Gr8ly appreciated:-)
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