strange meeting with a gay guy!

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strange meeting with a gay guy!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:02 pm

Had a dream where I was sitting at a table with an apparent gay guy. His voice was feminie and of course he was acting effiminate. I was turned off at this point. I can't remember exactly what he was saying, but I do know that he was trying to tell me that he was going to be famous one day. He had visions of being on television, and he began to show me his portfolio. Someone caught his attention (don't know who) and He left me a gift bag on the table and his roller bookbag (I remember black was one of the colors on it) was turned face up on the floor inches from the table. I thought: "why did he leave his belongings?"
...Moments passed and then I remember watching t.v. I remember seeing the guy (who was at the table) on a music video. He looked completely different (suit on, mini afro and full beard) and he resembled somebody I know in real life who appeared to have matured some. I can't remember the song but I remember the words, "I really love you". He kept singing those lyrics over and over. I even remember the guy sitting inside a drop top classic car with another guy in the passenger seat. (The guy in the passengers side had braids, a decorated bandana (like male-gangs wear) on, and his shirt off. He also looked really skinny. I remember thinking of the gay guy I had met earlier: "He doesn't even seem gay at all" (because he wasn't acting like he was earlier). He seemed so different on t.v. I believe he was trying to convince others that he wasn't gay when really he was!

Kind of weird you guys. What do you think?
thanks desiree :huh: bubblegum
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