dream of car

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dream of car

Post by gazis on Sat Oct 17, 2009 5:16 am

Hi there please excuse the spelling and grammer.
Im a dreamer so heres a dream.Hope this goes into the dream interpration thing.
In the dream i had i seen a car and i knew it was been driven by a male and there was a female passager.
I knew them from my past and ocasionaly see them when back in my home town.So that is were i was back in my home town in the dream.I was one block away so i coundnt visable see them.
The car was new and clean and a maroon coulour.
[I wouldnt have a clue what they drive these days for i hadnt seen them in years only of the last year have i seen them and quickly talked to them]
In the dream i said to someone on there is the..such and such..................[ we will call them the married couple for safety sake.]
I dont think there was actullay anyone there but i felt a presence in the dream.
I then seen myself at my friends place in there kitchen. [basically a second home i spent alot of time there over the years]
It was not the married couples house.
But they were there and so was my mum.No one else except mum and the married couple and myself.
Mum was infusatcly telling them how much i loved skiing and how good i am at it.The married couple were leaning against the sink in a relaxed state listening and i noticed they had a glass of water to drink.
I than said to mum trying to interupt and said yeah they know all about skiing they have been doing it for years.Than the man just smiled at me with a real glow in his face.The dream ended there.
So heres the symbolys that stick out to me.
They are both married and originaly from England.
The car was maroon new and heading east.
But in the end they ended up at my friends place.Which was slightly a diffrent way well lets say they took a longer drive in the dream going that way.
The smile really stuck out to me.
The fact that i new it was them when i couldnt even see them.
And in real life they did teach me to ski years ago.
And at the moment im praying for direction. About going to england and seeking a job as a water ski instructor so i can be closer to a girl im dating IN england.

A night later i had another dream with another married couple who i had never seen before they both were of about 65years of age and had a wise look about them and had grey hair.The male was Australian and i didnt know until the women talked she was English.The male gave me a smile the same as the other dream towards the end of the dream.
It will take to much time to decribe the rest of the dream.

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Re: dream of car

Post by juewls davis 777 on Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:50 pm

It seems like they are angles smiling at you. That's what came to me strait away. If they are married in the dream, then perhaps this represents your own future happiness. Married. It is hard to date long distance! If you are serious about this girl and she is serious about you, then you need to be in the same place! Check out all the practacalities of uprooting and get three confirmations from pastor's or christian friends as to if this is the right move. God bless.

juewls davis 777
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