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Native American

Post by bluejeankid on Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:16 am


I dreamed that Randy came by and asked for help. OK. I'm following him up Telegraph road. On the way he sees a neighbor putting his boats away and he thinks I'll ask him for help too. Then thinks better of it because the guy is having somes troubles with the boat.

Then as I'm following him up the hill I feel my truck lifted up onto another bigger, stronger, newer truck that I had not seen. I say to the driver, What did I do? My truck is paid for. All my debts are paid on time. Why are you towing me?

Then I'm inside my home. I'm home. This is my home. Its mine. I heard Randy out in the driveway. I peek out of my bedroom window and say ,"What happened?'
They had repoed his truck. Just a bright green shell was left.He asked for help. Sure I'll be right out, I have to get Alex.

We go outside and I look to my right. I see this large beautiful property. There are pavers in the driveway and in the walkway. The lawn is large and green. A very well maintained yard. I walk with Randy to the side of the house, towards my very large river. There is a low rock wall there.

We step down into the water. He is slightly ahead of me but when we get to the edge of the water I see a patch of bright green. I think it might be alge or maybe its the way the sun is hitting the water but I dive in. I think the water doesn't look that deep but its very wide. I can't see the other side but the water is moving calmly. I'm at peace.

We seem to be talking without talking. Alex is walking along the waters edge. I tell him to stay where he is, so I know where he is. Then hes' up on the bank nailing a sign onto a tree with white lettering. Then I don't hear the knocking anymore. I call for Alex. I call for Alex again. Alex where are you? Then I hear a small girl say, He is here.

I walk over to the waterfalls edge. I hope he didn't go over the fall. He did. Damn! I make a fist with my right hand. I look over the fall. I see 3 ducks on the water. One looking for food. At the edge of the water I see tall green reeds and a native american woman dressed in white doe skin dress with bead work, white matching boots and long straight hair. Her small daughter stands next to her. They have Alex in their care. The sence is beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful.

I stand at the top of the falls. I tell Randy that my grandfather was a chief, so that makes me a Indian princess. I would like to be an Indian princess. I have to go. I have to jump. I look down and think the water only looks a couple of inches deep. I don't know if its deep enough to jump from this height but it doesn't matter. I must jump. I have to get Alex. So I jump. I'm OK.

for reading. BJK
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