A sandwich and a hug

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A sandwich and a hug

Post by bluejeankid on Thu Oct 15, 2009 7:14 am

again. I dreamed about moving. I was looking at pictures crying. The pictures were of where I used to live. I heard someone ask, Do you miss your old place? No,I think I just miss the convience. Then I'm walking to my new house. I walk around a big white garage and come upon Kevin Costner playing golf. I don't say anything I just quietly get out of the way and go into my new house.
I enter the enclosed porch to see white furniture. Everywhere! There is sooooo much furniture. In every room even in the bathroom. Furniture from floor to ceiling. There is only a path to walk through.
Then I see a mexican woman. She tells me she is tired of working. I think -I'll trade with you. You babysit and I'll get a job. I notice that she has a hairy upper lip. Then in the bathroom one of the kids has put a blue glow in the bathtub. I ask,"Why did you do that?" Then say OK let me give you a bath.
Then the father comes home. He has had a hard day. I ask him if he needs a hug. Then I hug his neck and put my knees on his right shoulder. We walk around like this for awhile. He gets a sandwich and a drink. Walks to the bedroom and says to me, "Stay here. I need some quite time."

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