Stepdad/Ex-boyfriend figure struggle with my family and me.

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Stepdad/Ex-boyfriend figure struggle with my family and me.

Post by Victorious1 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:21 am

Dream about ex… I was washing dishes. My mom & sister had left. We started to wrestle. We were standing on the couch and up against the wall. There was sexual tension between us. My mom & sis returned from whatever they were doing. We stopped wrestling when they came in and acted like we were not doing anything prior. I went back to the kitchen and started washing dishes again. My sis was sitting on the floor doing something. He came into the kitchen and was flirting with me. I went into the room and sat on the floor near my sister. He came near me on the floor and was talking to me covertly. I was thinking he was talking too loud and that my sis was probably going to hear him if he did not lower his voice some. I did not want my sis or mom to know what was going on. He represented former stepdad as well as himself in the dream. As my former stepdad in real life, I knew the things and abuses he had done to my mom, family, myself (attempted molestation) and was aware of these offenses in the dream. I knew while dreaming that I should hate him for everything he’s done but I didn’t even though there was a time when I did hate him. He was both himself (my ex-boyfriend )& former stepdad simultaneously/off and on in the dream. I was still sexually attracted to him as my ex-boyfriend. While we were sitting on the floor my sister heard something he said in his flirtations with me and told him to stop. He started joking around as if he would do some sexual things to her as well. I recalled that he (as stepdad) had molested her years before. She was angry, hurt, and furious and would never let him touch her again. She threatened to stab him with a fork if… he made some kind of move/threat and she indeed stabbed him on his leg with the fork. He took the fork from her hands and stabbed her in the leg also, but he turned it in her leg after he inserted it. In his leg I could see blood and the wound vaguely. I had a fork in my hand as well and I waved it in the air/against him in a threatening matter. He questioned me as to whether or not I would support him/defend/back him up. I yelled out “No, I will not defend you against defending my family”. I yelled for him to stop and put the fork down… things had gotten way out of hand, irreparable. I remember sometime within the dream where my mom needed money to (move?) and she needed it by the next day in the afternoon sometime. I heard her asking former stepdad for it and I resented the idea. I didn’t want her to have to take money from him. I wanted her & us to move and leave him and never have to tell him where we were going to move to (taken from true experiences with former stepdad)... i woke up shortly after the stabbing & yelling scenes...

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