IS HE THE 'ONE' (kinda long)

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IS HE THE 'ONE' (kinda long)

Post by dreamer7 on Wed Oct 14, 2009 2:36 am

hi God's people.its been a while since i was on this forum.some of us do not have consistent access to internet but i do thank for today's chance. well, i had a dream of which i think i may have an interpretation(or just thoughts) and i need one or two witnesses.
let me start with a short background; i met this man a few months ago at a youth fellowship bowling night. he seems to have aroused some interest in me even though we dont know each other well(yet) and i decided to pray about it anyway. in the process of praying, i lost my brother and the prayers kind of went away and all the dreams i've been having are nightmares.but its two months later since my brother's death and i started praying about the man again. i have been praying that if there is an opportunity for the blessing of marriage with the said man,that God would give us an opportunity to start meeting and getting to know one another-for two cannot walk together unless they agree. so last saturday night i prayed that prayer and went to sleep and this is the dream i got(its the first very clear and peaceful dream i've had since my brother's death):

this man(lets call him Mr. so and so) comes to pick me from somewhere(am not sure where) in his car. at the front, i note a girlfriend of mine seated next to him. i open the back door and Mr. so and so turns behind,smiles and says hi to me so gently and sweetly am just speechless. i get into the back seat and there are two other people there(i cant see their faces though i sense they are ladies). we get onto the road and start moving(i sense that we are going to my grandma's place for a party).as we are driving along,suddenly on the road there is a huge pothole and i find myself asking, 'is that a pothole or a crater?' Mr. so and so manages to 'fly' over the pothole/crater and we continue on the journey. at some point i remark, 'if Mr. so and so had not been driving fast,we would have surely fallen into that pothole/crater..' anyway,we get to the party and i can see my family and some friends plus many other people whose faces i cant make out. at some point i see Mr. so and so seated on a bench with many other people one of whom is my brother who then says to me loudly, ' seen your ex boyfriend and his wife in that house over there.' i answer my brother, 'dont say that so loudly.cant you see my potential future(in reference to Mr. so and so) is here?' i then turn and head towards the house where my ex and his wife are. the house seems very dark and light floods in when i push in the door and get in. they are in bed and seem quite startled to see me there. we say the hallos and the ex introduces his wife to me saying, 'this is my (name )'. he then asks me if am married and i answer saying, 'its being worked on' and at the back of my mind i know its "being worked on" with Mr. so and so. the ex leaves the room briefly and i try to chat with his wife but we dont seem to understand each other. soone after the ex returns and i excuse myself to go back to the party and to check if Mr. so and so is comfortable. when i get there i find he's fine then before long i see myself in his arms and we are happily dancing to some song . i then tell him how glad i am that he came becasue i had been praying that God would give us a chance to get to know each other better. he smiles but doesnt say anything(he's a quiet person and doesnt say much even IN REAL LIFE- while am quite outgoing and talkative). soon after i decide to go and check how the rest of the party is going(am an events organizer so this would explain why am concerned that the party goes well). i find people are now queuing for food and i recognize a few faces. at some point on the queu i get to talk with one of my sisters who asks me when am getting married(i gather she's asking that becasue of Mr. so and so's presence at the party). i answer that i do not want to be pressurized into anything and am taking things slowly. she says that i shouldnt be too slow and other things i cant recall. just as we are talking, i turn just in time to see Mr. so and so waving that he wants to leave and move over to walk him to his car. i am not happy about his leaving and i sense that even though we came together, i am not leaving the party just yet since it seems its a family thing. when we reach his car, i suddenly see my friend who rode with us to the party(the one who sat in front with Mr. so and so) standing there with Mr. so and so and i and with her is another lady who i dont seem to know. we ask Mr. so and so why he wants to leave and he says its because he doesnt want to drive late through the route we had taken getting to the party. the lady who i dont know then tells him he doesnt have to use that route back and i reiterate saying, yeah,'you can use (i give the name of a route) when going back. at that point he agrees to go back to the party with us. the two ladies ask to put their handbags in the boot of his car and the dream ends as we are walking back to the party....
*Ps:at no point in the dream did my ex boyfriend and his wife interact with the rest of the people..

*Ps2:a few hours after i woke up from this dream, i meet Mr. so and so at the church gates. he is with a lady whose relationship with him am yet to establish since i've seem them together in church a couple of times(i've thought she's the sister since they seem to resemble but am under no illusion and i do not want to operate in assumptions. am praying that i'll know who she is in due course). they both greeted me but the lady went ahead as Mr so and so stopped to talk with me. he seemed very pleased to see me and so was i to see him. as we say bye he says that he hopes to see me again(i am trying not to read anything else but politeness in that)
so people of God,help out a sister. i am in no way anxious but i'd like to know early enough if i should keep praying on this one or i move on...
In christ's service,
Dreamer 7

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