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Post by Grace on Wed 14 Oct 2009 - 2:12

(not the dream, intro to it) I met a gentleman in 07, and I wasn't interested in meeting anyone, especially since I was waiting on the promise from God; my mate. In 08' I met this same gentleman again. We both attend the same church, but we met up again in the airport in Illinois. I knew that God was in the midst but I wasn't too sure about what it could be.

(dream) It appeared that I was in my Godmothers house, we were in the kitchen. Her kitchen was like a big country kitchen. It seemed like I was making some chocolate covered peanuts and putting them in these bags that had HICKORY on the top of them. It was like I was going to be selling them or in some contest. When we read the word Hickory, we both started laughing and singing the nursery song.."Hickory,dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one the mouse ran down, hickory dickory dock"..and more laughter ensued. I noticed that I wasted some of the melted chocolate on her table, so I began trying to clean the chocolate off the table. When I turned to her sink, the gentleman that I spoke about was sitting at her counter that was connected to the sink. (this gentleman is one that the Holy Spirit began to tell me how to talk to him, He revealed to me how to pray for him and revealed to me his true character and so much more)Now, when I noticed that he was there, I began to clean the table as if I wanted to make sure that he noticed me. Immediately, I saw a wedding band on his finger(he is single). I became upset, and he told me that he had a towel that could get the chocolate off the table. (Now this is where the Holy Spirit interjected ). I got ready to tell him that I didn't want his towel, and the Holy Spirit said to me, that I don't have room to react out of my emotions, because it would cost me dearly. (when He spoke this in the dream, I knew that I sensed it in my Spirit to be spoken as truth to me) Needless to say, I couldn't respond, but I could hear all that I wanted to say to him about his help. My Godmother stepped over and thanked him for the towel and looked at me and mouthed to me not to say anything. I could feel the anger on the inside of me, because I could't say what I wanted to say and I was angry to see a ring on his finger. I began to clean like a mad women, I was cleaning salt shakers, so much so that, I sensed him get a little bothered by me not taking the towel from his hand. He then told me that he was there to take my daughter to school. (my daughter is 20yrs old and driving her own vehicle)That angered me all the more, but I couldn't say anything because I couldn't react in anger. There I was being able to hear what I wanted to say but I couldn't open my mouth. I moved from the kitchen to the living room, when I looked behind me, this gentleman was right behind me and my Godmother was right behind him, and she mouthed to me not to open my mouth. At that time another man came through her front door, he nodded at me and the gentleman behind me then proceeded to show my Godmother some items that he wanted sell. I continued with my cleaning, I made my way outside. Her porch was covered or should I say closed in like an old style porch. I was on my hands and knees cleaning under chairs,(I distintively remember that the chairs were metal and white, like my grandmother had on her porch when we were kids) grass was in my hair and not to mention dust. While on my hands and knees, I noticed his foot, so I looked up at him and he says, "I know that you are mad, and you are mad for all the wrong reasons, I know that you see this wedding ring, and I haven't even done it yet. I haven't even done it, I just want to take your daughter to school and spend some time with her to get to know her. Please just let me do that, don't be mad" ( as he spoke I felt the sincerity of his heart)Then he turned to my daughter to ask her if she was ready? she replied with a shrug of the shoulders and told him that she was ready when he was. I noticed that she was wearing a bright red shirt. He turned to walk towards her and I stood up, with trash in both hands, I felt exhausted! As I watched the both of them walk away, he turned around and came back to me. I dropped the trash and as he hugged me and held me, I felt a sigh of relief. Tears ran down my face and he said I know that you are tired and I love you. We stood there hugging one another and I woke up.

Note: I wanted to add that this gentleman is one that I believe that God showed me to be my mate, I have sensed the Holy Spirit telling me to speak what He has told me and not doubt in my heart. The Holy Spirit has also told me that are some things that need to take place before this would happen, and my position was to pray for him and his positioning.

Note: I thought that I had faith, however, I have never had to just walk and not see anything that God had promised. Ironically enough, it's as if it's the total opposite. It's not just in this area, it's evident in every area of my life. I hear Him telling me to speak to the Mountains in my life, speak what He has told me! My hesitation is, I don't want to believe that this gentleman could be for me, and he would be allowed to be married to someone else...that doesn't make sense to how can two walk together except they be agreed? however, I can't shake what the Lord said and has confirmed by two, three, four witnesses as well as His word.

thanks in advance

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