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Post by Serenitylova on Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:46 pm

So I had a dream that I was at this beautiful house that was really big, acres wise and there was this party going on. I was there with people from my church, probably 8 of us total. Some of these people I am really friends with and others I am cool with. They're in their twenties and most of the 8 work somewhere in our church in ministry as leaders. Anyhow the house was furnished and beautiful and a lot of people were there. But while the party was going good, there was the feeling that someone was there that wasnt supposed to be there. Then the party was over and the scene comes to me and the other 7 ppl coming to this house again and its abandoned. It was dark and there was no furniture in it except for 2 beds that were found in a bedroom. So, everyone split up throughout the house and I remember going into the room with the beds and 2 girl got into the bed and the other got on the mattress nexted to the bed on the floor. So, I was like, "I guess there is no bed for me". One of the girls in the bed scooted over and patted the bed for me to say that I can sleep in that bed with them. I then left the room and went to another room on the other side of the house and one of the youth leaders was in this beautiful room. It was more like a spa and when I walked in he was on a date with this young lady that I felt I knew in the dream but in reality dont know. So I apologized for intruding and left but all the while thinking, "why are we here?" I also had a feeling that someone was going to come back to this house and knew that we were all hiding in this house for some reason.
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