I Know What You Are Looking For

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I Know What You Are Looking For

Post by miamichele7 on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:15 am

In this dream my husband and I are in a store, and we are looking around. The store is not a grocery store because I saw washers and dryers there,
The lady had on a white shirt, and oddly enough there was like a big water spill on the front of her shirt. She had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. She was staring in my direction. At first I thought she was looking at me, then I thought she must be looking beyond me looking for someone else. So I said to her as I walked up, "Oh, I am sorry I thought you were looking at me." She said, "I am." She didn't smile. She said, "I can help you find what you are looking for." I thought, "how would she know what we are looking for? Did she overhear us talking?" Then I called my husband over, because it was he who was the one looking for something, I was just with him. I said, "Steve, come here, this lady said that she know where you can find what you are looking for." He walked over and she pointed to these shelves, the very top shelf. There Steve reached up and picked up what looked like a manilla envelope of some kind, content that he found what he came for. The lady slowly turned around and began to make a bed that was there in the store.
I could use help on this one! I think what troubles me the most is the water spill on the front of her shirt, it was clear to me in my dream but I do not know what it means.

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