Fallen Elder, Pastor and Children

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Fallen Elder, Pastor and Children

Post by Selena on Mon Oct 12, 2009 7:59 pm

Blessings and Greeting!! Any insight to this dream would help. I haven't been able to get this dream out of my head since I had it last week.

A previous Elder from church who no longer attends my church was walking down the side walk in our neighborhood. He began dancing very odd. My husband and I were watching him. I asked my husband if he was retarted. Then this man's two sons began following him and dancing with him in the same manner. I asked my husband what they were doing. He said lets follow him and see what's going on. We walked with him to his house. (He doesn't live with his family. He and his wife are seperated because he committed several acts of immorality.) Expect he had moved into the house next door and was no longer living in his house he had been living in since he and his wife separeted. He showed us around the new house. I thought it was decorated tacky and looked wierd. The house was much larger on the inside than it appeared on the outside. I walked down a hall and saw a pond inside the house. My son's Sunday School teacher was standing beside the pool and her little brother was swimming in the pond. The pond was filthy. I told her to take her brother out of the pond that it was dirty and dangerous. She didn't listen to me. So I went in to the water to get her brother out. I slipped while trying to get out of the pond. There were gross looking fish and an enroumous bull frog that kept moaning at me. I got out of the water and look the bullfrog in the eye and it tried to moan again but it didnt. It only opened it's mouth. Then I suddenely ended up at my church sitting in a pew next to my Pastor. I was speaking to him kind of like Telepathy. He wouldn't answer me only smiled and stared right at me. He stood up and hugged me so tight I could feel his heart beating on me. I hugged him back wanting to hug him more and longer but he began to pull away. Then I awoke.

I believe I have gotten partial interpretation. But there are a few things I am going over I am having a hard time making sense of. God Bless you and many blessing to all who stop by and read!!

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