"Family feuds"

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"Family feuds"

Post by juewls davis 777 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 9:18 am

Hello again guys,
I have been a bit run down over the past few days and sleeping a lot, therefore dreaming quite a lot. This particular dream stands out today. My husband and I were out in a social setting. There was a cafe type restaurant there. My husbands sister(one of them, he has three) was sitting at a table, his mother was sitting there opposite her and there was a middle aged man sitting next to his mother. The man looked high on drugs. I remember his eyes were piercing blue. I approached his sister on my own, I began to have a go at her. I said "Who do you think you are?, How dare you look away from your own brother in the street. What exactly is your problem.( This happened in real life yesterday). I looked at his mother who was laughing. I said "Are you as mad as your mother?", His mother stopped laughing and looked scared. I said to the sister, and who do you think you are crossing the road and hiding behind your hair, when you see me in the street. how can you just walk past your nieces, What kind of person are you?(this also happened in real life a few weeks ago) We live in the same street, at either end. About 10 minute walk apart. I started to rant and rave at the man also saying and look at him, Crack head. You all have no respect, there are children here. I said to his sister "ou'v been taking to many drugs in the past". I said to her If you want a fight girl you know where I live, come and see me. she did not reply to any of this, but I felt her thinking about coming for a fight. My husband came over and I felt he was in support of me. This was a very strong part of the dream, I fell in to his arms and I felt his love engulfing me like never before. As if at last we had finally come together. After that I felt we had bonded and were one. I encountered the man later on in the dream and was scared, as I thought oh no he will be cross with me as I called him bad names and shouted at him. He looked at me and I said I am sorry. He smiled and said, no worries, I will have a pint. I had to bye him a pint of lager as a peace offering. Then we were making food for everyone. The end.

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