Six Dreams about NY Subways all in one night

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Six Dreams about NY Subways all in one night

Post by Peterguy on Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:55 pm

Hi I am new here and am really excited about this whole dream thing. I have always asked God why He never talks to me little did I realize He's been this whole time. Anyway last night I prayed and asked God to speak to me in my dreams about my future wife, where I would find her, and to give me an exact date of when that would occur, and anything else He found important to tell me. I got all these separate dreams... all involving the subways in New York.I asked God to interpret them for me and I think I may have gotten some revelation but I really would like confirmation since I am brand new at this. Here are the dreams in the order they happened.

1. In the actual subway station (not the platform) I normally get off at to go home in brooklyn I saw a TV and me sitting on the ground inches from it absorbed with what it was saying while I was eating chips. There were couches from my college lobby with unfamiliar faces also watching the same TV. No more than 10 people were on these couches. I was also flipping the channels. I remember saying the word "footables".

2. I saw a tall black girl going thru the turnstyle to enter the subway.

3. I saw a very serious man whom I don't know who was lecturing me sternly but not harshly and he said "I know she is beautiful but it's unrealistic" (I don't have a girlfriend nor am I interested in anyone at the moment.)

4. The same man I see closing this giant gate in one of the subway tunnels (not on the subway) and again lecturing me sternly saying "It's just not time to open hill yet" (I don't know anyone named hill or hillary)

5. This one isn't on the subway. I saw myself reading a piece of paper. I don't remember what the paper said but I no I it had the word "talking" on it however when I read it out loud in the dream I read it as "At 1st christianity is not six."

6. I meet 3 girls I don't know, all about my age on the station platform. I proceed to get on the subway by myself. I am literally the only person on this subway. The subway strangely doesnt have a roof or sides and as its going through each of these different stops that don't exist in real life, at every single stop I see someone preaching the gospel fervently but their is no one who is there to hear any of the messages. IN fact every single station is completely deserted except for the preachers.

I had all those dreams in a single night and woke up multiple times. I also know I had another dream about subways yesterday too but that was before God started to prompt me to look for the meaning behind my dreams.

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Re: Six Dreams about NY Subways all in one night

Post by NeWine on Fri Oct 09, 2009 7:40 pm

Definitely, the Lord is showing you something. Keep praying on it. Daph\\'s Dreams -dee
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