Litter of Kittens and Broken Spectacles

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Litter of Kittens and Broken Spectacles

Post by Paul RT on Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:35 pm

I was visiting the house of my family of origin. In the back room of the house was a litter of kittens around 6 that were a few weeks old and one smaller one that looked newly born. I was thinking about having the problem of multiple births of unwanted kittens, and was considering drowning them and getting the older cats de-sexed.
In the second part of the dream I was sitting on a park bench. I was approached by someone who was asking for my help. When I responded and took off my glasses I broke the right arm of the spectacles off and several small parts fell on the ground. As I was looking to pick them up I was surrounded by a group of young men from the political party to which I belong. The chairman of the meeting spoke down to me so I grabbed him by the arm and he somersaulted forward. This caused me embarrassment among the group and the local member (AC) said he would speak to me privately about this matter.
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