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Post by True Flight on Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:15 pm

Background: A week and a half ago, There was an urgent call for a family with 3 children that needed food.
I felt like God was watching to see what I would do.
That confussed me, because I allways look for oppertunities like this.
I have been out of work most the summer, but still this is a no brainer.
I gave 2 bags of food. (Good Stuff)
I dont know the person, and the food was given to her through a freind of theres.

2 nights later, I dream my neighbors house burns down. I invite them and they come stay with me and the wife.

A week later I dream: I'm at some apartments.
Out on the side walk are about 30 plates with gormet presentation meals. (Think 5 star restaurant)
I take a group of people out to the food and they eat of it.
There were 3 kids there, I wanted them to wait to eat to make sure there was enough food.
They started eating anyways and I let them.
I kept looking at the kids plates, and they were only eating the top of their food.
One had a pankake and he only ate what was above the syrup.
Another had chicken cor don blue, and he only ate the chicken above the sauce.
2 more times I saw the same thing.
Then one of the children went for a secound plate, I wanted to tell him to wait but I saw there was plenty so I let him eat it.
Then I went in one of the apartments, there was a guy lying on the floor. He was a sleep. He had broken in and wasnt supose to be there.
The guy was black (not African American) Just Black?

Last night I drempt: I was in a camp site setting. I went to Mc Donulds and ordered the Gormet Meal
(wonder what number that is)
It came with a variety of 20 burgers.
I took it back to give to the people.

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