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I dreamed that I was on this place called the rock. While I was there, I was waiting on my mother and my aunt. I don't know why. I dreamed that my uncleB was no longer with my aunt and that they were avoiding telling me where he was and how he was. While I was waiting for them I saw Pastor and Co-Pastor Av from Dallas. They are not my pastors IRL, I never wanted to join their church, because I didn't feel called to join, even though they said I was. They felt my real church was big, but I knew I was called to be where I was. Back to the dream, I was at their house laying on their bed. I could see the open closet door beside the bed. They had light brown bed covers. The color of caramel. I had on some clothes that weren't the best, but I was covered. /co-P Av left, and while she was gone, I sewed a jean coat. IRL, I could not have made that coat. I could have designed it, but not sewn it myself. I said, I need something warm before the winter comes. It just wrapped around me, and had a nice thick hood to it. Then Pastor was touching me, and I was lying there docile. I was wondering how he could minister and prophesy and yet be doing this. He still had on his good clothes. They were brown too. IRL, I don't think that I have ever seen him wear brown. I disassociated him from the touch, and just didn't think about it anymore. I thought about something else. I was wondering where my mother was and when she was coming back. I was wondering when Co-P Av was getting back. When I rolled over, a spot was on my knee. Then it blossomed and grew bigger. I touched it, and it was soft. I grew very concerned, and really wished for my mother to come back. I wanted to walk down off of the rock, but the road was jungly and people were down there. I didn't know their intent. The hole in my leg began to fall in. I said to myself, I cannot wait for AV and Mom to come back and take me to the hospital. This must be a flesh-eating bacteria. I sucked in my stomach and stirred up my most Holy faith. I was saying that God has not given me this spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. I looked at my knee, and said, Lord, I believe. Then I said, be healed in the name of Jesus. The blister started to go away. Then I kept proclaiming you are healed in the name of Jesus, and finally it was a small spot the size of a quarter. I kept saying this until I woke myself up.

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