Drive Through Old Neighborhood

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Drive Through Old Neighborhood

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 05, 2009 8:51 am

Hello everybody! I had a dream over the weekend that I'm still praying about. Would appreciate any insight anyone has...thanks!!!

Dream 10-04-09

I was driving through my old neighborhood where I grew up with two people who also lived in the same neighborhood. One of them was, and still is, a dear friend of mine, and the other one is someone that I'm in friendly contact with today, but growing up he was always mean to me. He thought I was a "goodie goodie" and made fun of me a lot. His name is Brent, my friend's name is John. Our neighborhood had two parts to it...the side I lived on, and then side John and Brent lived on which was across the creek. I was driving the car...I was showing them around. As we pulled into the neighborhood I was talking about how the roads were in need of repair. (IRL the homeowners association --which means the homeowners are responsible for the roads in the neighborhood, and since we've all moved out the roads have really gotten bad) That's when I noticed that the homeowner's must've gotten together and repaired the roads, because they were completely redone. So I pointed that out. I was pointing out all the updating and repairs that needed to be done in the neighborhood because the people that now live there have really let it get rundown. (This is true IRL) I said the new owners of our old house (my parents' old house where I grew up) have filled in the pool, as we drove by it. (IRL the people who bought our old house have really let it get rundown. In fact, the whole neighborhood is getting pretty rundown.) Then we went to Brent and John's side of the neighborhood. I pointed out a fence that was brown that looked newly painted, but was warped in the middle. It was laying against the house on the corner that backs up to the creek that has a bridge that's about to cave in, and went all the way down to the doctor's house on the other corner (it covered 3 houses). From Brent's driveway he would be staring right at this thing. John could also see it from his house. It was like it covered up the houses, and was just setting there. It hadn't been put in place yet, and needed to be repaired because of the warp (or it was buckled) in the middle. I told Brent that he would easily be able to see this from his driveway. End of dream...


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