Need help interpreting a dream!

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Need help interpreting a dream!

Post by princessarielle on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:18 am

I had a dream recently in which I saw myself getting married to a friend of mine who has been interested in being in a relationship with me. He was wearing a black suit and I was wearing a white wedding dress. As we were going to the altar to say the "I do's", I was nervous. No members of our family were present neither our friends. I could see a few faces there but could not recognize them. When we reached the altar, both of us were scared. We look at each other and decided that we were finally not going to continue with the ceremony. We were not going to get married anymore. He then told me that he was going to move to Las Vegas. I do not know exactly where we were in the dream but all I know was that Las Vegas was very far from wherever we were. So, I pleaded with him, begged him not to go, not to leave me alone. But he insisted that he was going to go and he told me not to worry, that if God wanted us to be together, then He was going to work it out. He left and I woke up. As I woke up, my heart was beating.

I have tried to find an interpretation to this dream but it is not clear to me. I need help!

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Re: Need help interpreting a dream!

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:37 am

Anita, this dream is about someone you may commit to in the future, but you both will pull out at the last minute. I believe him moving far away could be symbolic to him detaching himself from you after it all goes down. (but he could physically move as well) What he said in the end of your dream is truth. Dont worry, if its Gods will, it will work out!

I had a dream when i was married to my ex husband (didnt post this in my testimony) that i was with the "man i was supposed to be with" and he had a cousin who was a movie star that was hitting on me. I remember feeling so weird having my soul mate beside me and a movie star on the other side of me trying to get my attention. I stayed true to the man i was supposed to be with though. But when i woke up i was mad at I had conjured the dream up on my own and i didnt understand why i was having dreams about other men who were not my husband at the time. If you want to read my testimony on how God brought my husband and I together through dreams and visions, click on home and then scroll down to Life in the Spirit by Laura Boaz. Its an 8 part series thats pretty long, but worth the read!
Anyway, It took YEARS for that dream to come to pass. When i first met my husband and everything was coming together...the fact that he had a movie star for a cousin was just a small thing to add to the stack of confirmations that this indeed was the man i was supposed to be with. Im meeting his cousin for the first time tomorrow. And everything my husband has told me about him, pretty much describes the way he was in the dream.
my point is that some dreams can take years to happen in real life. For some reason I really felt like i needed to share all that with you. I hope it helps.
blessings to you and glad you found us!
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