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Post by HisLightbeam on Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:20 pm

This dream must really be important, because I have been struggling to
remember it for a week, and the only time I can is when I am about to
fall asleep. If I get up to get something to write with, I forget it.
So, now, I remember everything and am trying to post it as quickly as
I dreamed of a young boy, maybe about 11 or 12, riding his bicycle down
the block. The bike is red. The boy has on wirerim glasses. He is
passing up all these houses that are joined together like apartments,
but they are not. Rows and rows of them in town. Maybe brownstones? I
don't know if he was upstate or what. The day was overcast, and about
to become night. He stopped at this one house and pushed his bike up
the stairs. It is a doctor's office, but it is just closing for the
night. He is friends with the doctor's little girl. The doctor says hi
to him, and then he goes to make sure that everything is shut off for
the night. The little has been letting this little boy sleep there at
night-he is really tired right then and looks longingly at the
overstuffed chair by the door. The windows had this yellowish curtains
that had a rod at the top and bottom, also on the door. The paint on
the door is reddish orange, and the trim is the same color. There is
this really fancy wallpaper, kind of like goldtone decor on it. The
furniture is cherrywood, and the cloth is like very comfortable and
warm, and it has the reddish color worked in with some warm yellows and
oranges and dark green lines. I could see throw pillows. It is a very
stylish doctor's office. I don't see the equipment, but I know he is a
doctor because he has a stethoscope around his neck, an old-fashioned
light attached to his forehead, and he has a pad and pin in his long
white doctor's coat. The little girl tells him to go ahead and hide in
the closet, and wait for them to leave, which he does. Ok, the story
changes, with him waiting on them to leave, and then they do, and there
is just some warm light coming from a couple of lamps on opposite sides
of the room. It is quiet, and he can hear a clock ticking. IRL, I hate
those, and I use digitals. He comes out of the closet and sits down.
Then he looks down the hall, and there are all these doors. I thought
they were patient exam rooms, but they are actually classroom doors.
There are a smattering of children in that classroom. My cousin JL is
there, and me too. We are waiting for class to be started, it feels
like it is almost time to leave, and that this class is just a nod to
the intstitution of learning, like we are not coming back. Like how
you feel when it is about to be summer break, or when you graduate. A
feeling of finality. yeah, that's the word. We were finished, and the
class attendance was now just a formality. That's why there were not a
lot of students there. That's the whole dream. It was very hard to

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