Pastor and his family moved into my kitcheb

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Pastor and his family moved into my kitcheb

Post by amandamckie on Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:11 am

Hello, I have had a dream 2 nights running, feel that God must be trying to tell me something. Last night I dreamt that the Pastor and his wife moved into my apartment, only the only room I could see was the kitchen and there was not much space at all. In fact they only had room for their things on one wall of the kitchen, with new shelves. I thought in the dream that I would have cleaned the oven if I had known that they were moving in. (By the way it wasn't my kitchen in real life). It was strange because my husband and I had a room off of the kitchen and I was not happy as I thought I would have to go and cook my food in their kitchen, and they would be able to see and I would feel very uncomfortable. Within the dream I was sat down with my husband and he kept kissing me on the face, but I pushed him off because I thought he was over doing it and felt suffocated, whilst this was happening the pastor was watching and I wondered what he was thinking. Any ideas? Thanks Mandy

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